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Our brains are so amazing!

Yet, we know so little about this very important part of us, that has so much to do with our behavior.

Now, a book to learn more about the brain, and how to pray for our brains, and the brains of others. In a visual format, Brain Prayers presents 10 brain systems in 3 pages each for a 30 day format.

Introduction pages showing the ten brain systems in the book.

The left side of each page has information on the brain, quotes, a Bible verse, along with a prayer to pray for your own brain in the format of the Lord’s Prayer. The right side is a prayer you can pray for someone else.  For example the amygdala is the brain’s emotional gate keeper. Learning about how it works, and reacts, allows for us to notice those reactions quicker. The prayer focus allows us to get to our best state of Christ-like mind much quicker.

First of the three pages on the amygdala,.


Here is a sample of the prayer on the left side of the page, to pray for yourself as you grow to understand about  the amygdala’s importance as the emotional gatekeeper, even if sometimes it reacts in threat to an old memory:


Our Father Who Art in Heaven,
        I praise Your name for creating my amygdala
to allow me to react to the world around me.
Thank you that it can remember the joy I feel
when I hear a friend laugh, or how afraid
I felt when I heard a loved one was ill.
Help me to understand more about my
 inward parts, so that I can let my memories
find their best place in my brain.
Forgive me for replaying bad memories in my mind,
and having negative reactions over and over again,
I can feel that my amygdala sends messages to
release stress hormones through my brain
at each trigger.  Over and over and over again.
Lord, be the healer of my amygdala.
For Thine is the kingdom, and the power,
                    and the glory forever and ever.  Amen!           

May the pages change you, and the very structure of your brain!